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TEXT PAINTINGS for 2016 and 2017 will be put up shortly.

Text Paintings 2015

The following paintings are a result of the 2014 storms.

They contain different elements of sea charts of the south coast of cornwall together with the full shipping forecast for 12 February 2014.

Both elements are silk screen printed into the painting.

The following four paintings are 50cm square.

They were exhibited at ‘Terre Verte’ gallery.

Becoming very roughs

‘Becoming very rough’

'Increasingly severe gale 9'

‘Increasingly severe gale 9’

'Storm 10 to hurricane force 12'

‘Storm 10 to hurricane force 12’

'There are warnings of gales'

‘There are warnings of gales’

Text Paintings 2014

This set of paintings were completed in 2014 and were done in preparation for the later larger paintings. These are 30cm square. They were exhibited at ‘Terre Verte’ gallery.

plymouth south veering southwest

‘Plymouth south veering southwest’

'Southwest severe gale 9'

‘Southwest severe gale 9’

Rough at first in south'

‘Rough at first in south’

Wednesday 12 February 2014'

‘Wednesday 12 February 2014’

Text Paintings 2013

These paintings were the first small set using the 2011 shipping forecast with elements from sea charts.

They were exhibited at The Barrow Centre, Mt. Edgcumbe in the ‘Past, Present and Future’ exhibition in the future work section.

'Mounts Bay'

‘Mounts Bay’

Text Paintings 2012

I first worked with shipping charts, here with Spike Island.

'Spike Island'
‘Spike Island’

Text Paintings 2011

I worked on the first series of Shipping Forecast pieces. They are painted and silk screen printed onto canvas and sometimes on to glass. They were created for the DTTV exhibition at Royal William Yard next door to The British Art Show 2011.

Shipping Forecast 3

The works are inspired by the rhythm and beauty of the words, the general synopsis of sea area forecasts and coastal stations. The words are unique and so distinctive. Someone, somewhere in the world depends on them. In the choral work of Cecilia McDowall they sound like poetry, in a written form they can be seen more carefully with patterns evolving in them. Spoken or sung they have their own rhythm, written they are visual poetry. In the paintings they are words not to be read in the conventional way but words to draw you into the picture, layers of textures fading in and out of the painted surface. They read like snippets of conversation. The ideas came to me after looking at a series of videos by Sam Taylor Wood in which the viewer can’t quite make out the conversations in a room but occasionally hear odd words every now and again.

Text Works with Mixed Media

This work is based on the poem ‘Two Lovers and a Beachcomber by the Real Sea’ by Sylvia Plath. It is made up of a watercolour sketch done on a local beach with added pastel pencil and flotsam from the beach, interspersed with the text of the poem.

Watercolour/Pastel Paintings...

Reed Beds at Cotehele Quay

Wistmans Wood


Sand at Widemouth Bay








The reed beds at Cotehele Quay change colours with the seasons. It’s frequently used as one of our locations on our courses. 

Wistmans Wood is an ancient oak woodland on Dartmoor.

A good location for our artists who like a walk as well as painting.











stormy waters1sq_edited-3

‘Stormy Waters’


‘Tree Bark’ Cotehele’


View across to St Pauls



‘Ebb and Flow’


'Ebb and Flow 3'

‘Ebb and Flow 3”

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